The Safety and Security Aspect of CS:GO Betting

The Safety and Security Aspect of CS:GO Betting

Interested parties can rest assured that, as long as they partake of CS:GO betting in legal, regulated environments, like that which licensed sportsbooks provide, their sensitive personal and financial information is totally safe and secure. There are a number of different sportsbooks that offer this service, and they provide the kind of protection that anyone who wishes to make financial transactions by means of the World Wide Web has every right to demand.

Thanks to how new CS:GO betting is, skin betting sites largely operate on trust, and many do not undergo any kind of regulation or oversight beyond that extended by the owner’s of the site. Taking this kind of risk seems unnecessary when many of the major sportsbooks now make these kinds of wagers possible for players who are interested in extending their interaction in the form of betting, and eSports titles coverage is now very comprehensive.

The bonuses of making use of well-known sportsbooks for CS:GO betting are many, but the most obvious is that they have to answer to various gambling authorities in a variety of different jurisdictions, and are mandated to keep all their products and services fair and above-board. Failure to do so will result in them having to risk incurring heavy fines or even the loss of their license, and this is a positive in terms of player safety being kept as high a priority as is possible.

When those indulging in a spot of online CS:GO betting using sportsbooks, they are not relying on decisions made by the owners of the site, which, if the truth be told, could quite easily simply close up shop whenever they pleased. Players who stick to licensed sportsbooks will further be able to look forward to first-rate customer service and round-the-clock access to their account balances, two services which are not commonly provided for at most skin betting sites.

The Most Popular Type of CS:GO Betting

Wagering on the outcome of eSports match when it comes to CS:GO betting is known as match betting, and, although there is in fact a number of different ways that these wagers can be arranged, the most common form is a simple bet which is placed on the player or team the bettor feels is most likely to win a single match.

Because of the fact that the majority of matches are not even events, with one player or team generally being favoured over the other, sites which provide for CS:GO betting will most usually have assigned odds to both sides. For example, a match taking place between Team Solo Mid, or TSM, and Liquid, may place the odds on TSM at 3 – 1. This means that for every three dollars in skin value that the bettor wagers, a win of one dollar would be paid if TSM did, in fact, emerge victorious.

Different Ways in Which CS:GO Odds are Expressed

Bettors may also sometimes find eSports betting odds expressed as +/- money lines for eSports matches. Should this be the case, and taking the TSM versus Liquid eSports match above for an example, the line betting on Liquid would be express as +300. This means that for each $100 skins wagered, the bettor would be awarded $300. When this type of odds expression is given in terms of the favourite, the line is typically negative. So the TSM line would be given as -300, which would necessitate that the bettor wagers $300 in order to win $100.

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