A Quick Introduction to 8-Ball Slots Online

A Quick Introduction to 8-Ball Slots Online

Developed and produced by Playtech, 8-Ball Slots is a Vegas-style online Slots machine. The game is modelled on the designs of the earliest Slots machines, so it has 3 reels and offers 1 payline. Like other classically-styled online machines, the software checks the symbol combination on the enabled paylines. With a 96.86% RTP and a good coin size range, the game is appealing to players with various purse sizes and budgets.

Game Layout and Design

This game centres on a stylish Billiards theme and has no Wild Symbol, making it the definition of a classic Slot machine. The Payout Tables for the permitted 1- and 2-Coin bets are displayed at the top of the screen above the reels, while a player’s current bets and wins are displayed on either side of them.

Most of the setting is in Billiard table-green, with the white background of the reels allows the symbols to be clearly seen. The symbols consist of numbered Billiard balls, from 1 to 15, in different colours. The sound effects evoke real-life land-based Slots machines very effectively, further enhancing the classic Vegas-style feel of the game.

8-Ball Slots Settings

There is a Slot Machine Game Options dialogue box, opened via the Menu button, which allows players to customize different settings so that each playing experience is more personal. The sound level and speed of play can be set, and the Autoplay function can be enabled or disabled. With this function, players are able to carry on with other games or activities while still playing 8-Ball Slots.

8-Ball Slots Settings

Playing 8-Ball Slots

Like a lot of iPhone pokies NZ, the slot has a betting range of 0.05 to 5, and this moves up in increments of 0.05. It can be played in Pounds, Euros and Dollars, with 1 or 2 coins bet per payline. This means the maximum bet allowed on 1 spin is 10.00.

In order to get comfortable with spinning the reels before putting any money down, players can also choose to play demo mode. This can be very helpful, but it should be remembered that some game features may not be present in the Free Play mode. When visitors are spinning for real money, a combination of 3 balls of any number will be rewarded, as will combinations of any 3 solid or any 3 striped balls. The maximum payout is the 2000-Jackpot that is awarded when 3 8-Balls appear.

To set up a game on this Slots machine, players need to set the coin size by clicking the Increase and Decrease buttons. Clicking the Bet One button increases the number of coins being bet one at a time, while clicking the Bet Max button starts the reels spinning with the maximum permitted bet of 2 coins. If players do not use the Bet Max function, they can start the reels going by clicking on the spin button.

When the reels come to a rest, the game is over no matter what symbols they display. If there is no winning combination, players don’t get anything and can simply choose to spin again. A winning combination rewards players according to the Payout Schedule.

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