Tour de France Sports Betting

Tour de France Sports Betting

The Tour de France is a multi stage cycle race held each year in France. It is easily the world’s biggest and most prestigious cycling event, attracting competitors and spectators from across the globe. In recent times, Lance Armstrong, one of the most well known competitors has caused much controversy with revelations of banned substance use amongst competitors.

It may take some time for the sport’s reputation to recover, but it doesn’t make online sports betting on the event any less exciting.

With multiple stages, many competitors and a variety of awards to be won, the Tour de France is a sports betting match made in heaven. Online sports betting makes wagering simple and rewarding by providing bettors all the tools they need to make the best possible bets at the best possible odds.

The Most Popular Wagers

The Tour de France awards different coulored jerseys as the prizes for competing riders, rather than medals. Online sports betting will be available on each of these jerseys.

The odds that sport betting online provides you is usually very competitive and often better than the odds you will receive at a brick and mortar betting parlour.

The Yellow Jersey Wagers

This is one of the most popular wagers placed in the Tour de France. It is essentially the gold medal of the event.

The yellow jersey is awarded to the cyclist who has the lowest overall time, aggregated by the time they made on each of the events stages.

The Polka dot Jersey Wagers

The second most common wager for the Tour de France is wagers on who will win the Polkadot Jersey. This jersey is awarded to the cyclist who makes the best time on the mountain leg of the race.

Basically the cyclist who climbs the hills the fastest will receive this award. Making wagers on this jersey can often be a nail biting affair due to the competition between riders and the sheer force of will the athletes need to win this section of the race.

Green Jersey Wagers

The third jersey awarded to competitors in the Tour de France is the green jersey. This is awarded to the cyclist who finishes with the most points. These points are awarded for finishing high in each stage of the event as well as for being the first person to cross certain points in each stage. The points awarded on flat areas are high, while the points awarded in the mountainous areas are low.

The Other Wager Options

The Tour de France online cycling betting sportsbooks also feature smaller awards that are popular with bettors. Firstly there is the prix de la combativité that is awarded to the cyclist that shows an endearing and enduring spirit during the race and races with allot of heart.

There is also a team based scoring system, where the times of a team’s best three riders are added and a winner determined from the group. France and Belgium have been very successful in this category with each country having won this category 10 times.

Finally there is the Lantern Rouge award that is given to the cyclist in last place. The name means Red Lantern in reference to the red lights on the back of a car.

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