An Overview of CS Bets and Skin Betting

An Overview of CS Bets and Skin Betting

CS bets, which can be referred to as skin bets, are wagers which are placed by means of items on the outcome of eSports matches, and the so-called skins replace cash in these. Skins, in turn, are accessories, like pieces of weaponry, that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game makes use of.

CS Bets Rely on Players’ Inventory Items

Inventory conveys player status in the game of Counter-Strike, so the act of acquiring skins is a really popular part of play, in much the same manner that collecting trading cards revolving around various games, like baseball for example, was a practice for people from previous generations. Many members of the eSports community make use of a platform known as Steam, a principal point at which they are able to access the games on various devices, and this platform also holds game inventories. For example, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players buy weapons cases, and the keys to these generate a skin that will equal a certain value. The rarer that the item is, the higher its value will be, and bookies online CS: GO bets make use of these instead of money to place wagers.

API access is allowed to site developers on the Steam platform, and this makes it possible for the developers of sites that allow for CS bets to integrate with it, making it possible for users to retrieve their inventory in order to place wagers. This process can be likened to a bookmaker linking with a payment provider, for example PayPal, in order to allow punters to transfer funds.

The Variations on CS Bets

One of the most important considerations for people interested in CS bets is what kind of variations are available to them. The main ones are match betting; jackpot betting; and roulette betting.

Match CS bets are the simplest way to start skin-betting, and remain the most popular option. These function in much the same way as eSports cash bets do, although there is a crucial difference: wagers are placed against other players, not a bookmaker. These sites function in much the same way the bookmaker betting exchanges do, with the site simply taking a commission for facilitating the wager process.

Jackpot betting focuses on the thrill far more than it does on any aspect of skill: players will risk skins to the value of a corresponding amount of tickets in a raffle. The more of these items that players risk, the larger his or her chance of winning, but this does not necessarily extend the chances of making a profit.

Roulette betting works largely on the same principal that jackpot betting does: each CS game will have a pool limit dictating the total amount of items, for example 100. Players who join the game by risking items can do so to the value of any amount of these, but the total value of their wagered items will end up determining his or her share of space on what can be seen as a virtual roulette wheel. The winner of these bets is then determined by means of a totally random spin of this roulette wheel, and the more numbers players are able to cover, the higher the chance of his or her winning.

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