About Happy Birds Slot Online Game At Slots Machines

About Happy Birds Slot Online Game At Slots Machines

Birds have been used extensively in recent popular culture. From the famous mobile games to animated films, birds are viewed in a new and beloved light. Happy Birds Slot takes its inspiration from cult hits featuring birds, with its bright, colourful background and symbols. The game is also among those few traditional online casino slot games that come in 3D as opposed to the general 2D more commonly used. This means that the titular birds are more enjoyable to view against a backdrop of a neighbourhood.

Happy Birds Slot comes with 5 reels and 243 unfixed paylines, meaning a huge amount of possible combinations. The game contains the usual letters and numbers found in most traditional slot games, but symbols are higher value are made up of different, colourful birds. Players can expect to find anything from a pretty toucan to a yellow canary.

How To Play Happy Birds Slot

Making a bet is the first step in playing Happy Birds Slot. This is done with the betting options found to the left and beneath the reels. There are five bets that are possible, with bet number one starting at 2.50 credits, and bet number five ending at 12.50 credits. Mobile pokies NZ players can select any of these betting options to begin spinning the reels straight away using the chosen bet. On the other side, players can choose their bet multiplier, which gets calculated into the five betting options.

Alternatively, players can simply use the spin and auto spin, where the spin is used manually for every spin, and the auto spin will keep the game running continuously until the player tells it to stop or the credits run out.

As the reels come to a top, there is a chance that certain combinations of symbols can land. These symbols, along with the order they’re in, determines whether a player will earn winnings or not. The amount earned is further determined by the amount that is bet.


Happy Birds Bonus Features

While the regular gameplay may keep slots enthusiasts happy, there are a number of extras added to Happy Birds Slot to spice things up. The first is the wild, which is a bird in flight that has colourful wings. This wild acts as a substitute for all the other symbols in the game, apart from the bonus.

The bonus symbol is depicted as three birds in a row, and landing the bonus at least three times across the reels triggers a special feature. A new screen will come up, and hot air balloons with targets underneath will appear. The player will then need to try and hit as many of the targets as possible, with every target hit awarding the player with either a multiplier to their bet or a straight amount of winnings.

Finally, the game has a special hoop symbol, which, if landed on reels two and four, will give the player a random amount of free spins. The amount of free spins given is determined by how many birds fly through the hoops, which is totally random and beyond the player’s control.

Happy Birds Slot Conclusion

The colourful birds, good graphics, and 3D imagery, topped with strong gameplay and a number of bonus features will keep many slots players engaged.

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