Play ‘n Go’s European Roulette Games For All Gamblers

Play ‘n Go’s European Roulette Games For All Gamblers

Play ‘n Go was established in 1997, and has been a totally independent enterprise since 2005. This Swedish company is dedicated to bringing quality casino games to as many online and mobile players as possible. To that end, it has released over 50 titles in 30 different languages, and can be played on almost any device. Your home computer and Apple, Android or any other wireless device will perform equally smoothly.

European Roulette is a classic casino game, and the Play ‘n Go version is of a very high standard. It can be played for free as well as for real money, which gives you the chance to check it out and see if you like it, and then to practice before placing real bets. Before you do that, read a little more about it here.

Game Basics

The interface of this game is very clear and user-friendly, as all games from this developer tend to be. This is a classic European Roulette, and the well-rendered base game is quite standard. This means that a simulated wheel will spin, and a simulated ball will be dropped on it. You’ll place bets on where the ball will end up when the wheel comes to rest, which will itself be fairly determined using Random Number Generation. Play ‘n Go’s game has a typical house edge of 2.7%, and a theoretical RTP of 97.3%.

The wheel is divided into 37 panels. Those numbered 1 to 36 are alternately coloured red and black, and the panel numbered 0 is green. The American version of the game has an extra green panel numbered 00, which actually makes the odds much tougher. It is highly recommended that new players start with the more favourable European Roulette.

You can bet on which colour panel the ball will land on, whether the panel will be an odd or even number, or on the range of numbers where the ball will land. You can even try to predict the single number of the panel that the ball will land in. The more specific you are, the greater your odds, but the higher your reward as well.

Extra Playing Features

Play ‘n Go’s version of European Roulette features 2 additional boards to help you with your Roulette Canada online game. The first has information and advice on the current game, and the second details all the most recent winning numbers. It’s a good idea to check these out before you place any bets, especially if you’re a novice player.

Hovering your mouse arrow over any field on the table layout will make an informational pop-up window appear. Here you’ll see data on the amount of the bet, the payout odds and the involved numbers. The more you get to know the game and what numbers are associated with what outcomes, the more insight you’ll gain.

To personalise your experience more, you can choose to disable the dealer voice and other sounds. If you find these things distracting, this can be very helpful. You can also specify when to add or remove chips from the playing field, which can make things a lot calmer when a game is in play. Try the Play ‘n Go game of European Roulette and all these extra features out now to see what you think for yourself.

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