Crazy Things Casino Dealers Get To Deal With

Crazy Things Casino Dealers Get To Deal With

It’s obvious – dealers deal. That’s what they get paid for. But what many gamers don’t realise is that live dealers get to deal so much more than just decks of cards. Since casinos are absolute studies in human nature, dealers get to see the worst as well as the best side of humanity. Because nothing quite makes our true colours shine through quite like losing or winning thousands from playing a game of cards.

These are some of the crazier scenarios casino dealers get to traverse when we’re all out happily and carelessly painting the town.

An Unusually Risky Game Of 21

Granted, the first incident on our list will have been strange and unsettling for dealer and fellow players alike. While dealing at a Las Vegas Blackjack table, one dealer had (initially unbeknownst to him) a stupendously “special” guest – with the emphasis on the “s” sound.

That’s right, whilst noticing one of the players seated at his table slowly and almost gingerly removing his dinner jacket, our dealer could not help but notice also a bit of unusual movement from underneath the piece of clothing shod by the snappy dresser. And true as the moon lighting up the night sky, out from underneath the shedder’s attire slid a serpent some three feet long – complete with flicking forked tongue.

Now that’s what we like to call a life-or-death game of 21.

Not Everyone’s A “Happy” Loser

A “bad” couple of hands around the casino table can typically be cured by little more than a plate of grub and a soothing drink. But unfortunately, there are exceptions.

Since some people indulge in compulsive habits leading them to continuously chase their losses, and some others, quite frankly, are sore losers, dealers sometimes witness unusual shows of “acting out”. These range from everything from a player whipping out a pistol mid-play at a high rolling Poker table, to a woman suffering an attack of uncontrollable laughter after a couple of bad rounds of Blackjack.

Beware The Fire Starters

Whenever money is involved, emotions often are too.

One casino floor worker tells the story of how he looked on in disbelief as a frustrated gambler, upon losing, took the dealer’s comments just a bit too personally. This eventually led to the player storming off and returning with a bottle filled with gasoline. He then promptly proceeded to tip the contents of the bottle all over the dumbstruck dealer, whilst threatening to make the entire show light up like a Christmas tree.

High-Rollers Do Whatever They Want

Whilst hurling chips at a dealer may seem like the type of behaviour that will see any “normal” person escorted out the door, high rollers, also referred to as “whales”, basically get to act out whenever and in any way they please.

One dealer remembers how during his time spent working the VIP tables of Las Vegas, he would often be able to do nothing more than look on helplessly as high-rollers hurled fistfuls of casino chips at him following a big-money loss.

Talk about throwing good money after the bad.

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