Uncovering Golf Betting for Online Punters in NZ

Uncovering Golf Betting for Online Punters in NZ

Golf may trace is origins back to Scotland in the 15th century, but America gave the sport its present popularity. America is the world’s biggest market for golf, and is home to nearly half the world’s players and courses.

Golf is a game played and enjoyed worldwide. It is an absorbing sport or pastime or hobby, whatever you choose. It is a game respected and played by millions in every country, with an ardent and committed fan base. It has its own philosophy and etiquette, as well as its own terminology. Golf offers a series of regular tournaments, world championship events and major competitions.

Betting on the Majors

Golf betting is a relatively new development in the sports betting category, and gamblers betting on golf still tend to belong to the traditional group. Golf betting is more measured and long term than quick and regular like it is with football and other sports. There is the time involved to be taken into consideration, as it means having a live bet for up to four days, while the tournament is taking place.

Crown Oaks betting sites are selective with the tournaments that they offer punters for golf betting. Clearly, all the Majors will be included in every online betting site.

The four Majors in men’s golf in the order they are played each year, are the Master’s, the US Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship. Any golfer who manages to win all four in a single year has won the Grand Slam of Golf. The oldest of these is the British Open, which began in the 1860s and is played in July each year. The US Open, which was first played in 1895 is held in June. The PGA Championship is held annually in August, and dates back to 1916. The Master’s began in 1934, and is always played in Augusta Georgia, while the other three rotate courses over the year. These golfing tournaments are some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Different Golf Bets

Different Bets can be Made

Punters who look for opportunities for golf betting will also find a tournament available most weekends. Golf betting can be difficult to bet on with any degree of certainty, as there are so often fairly unknown players who have a good day and manage to take the tournament. Golf betting can therefore be associated with luck more than the degree of form and consistency of the players.

Betting options offered by the bookmakers include the obvious online betting on the tournament winner. This bet can often be won by a lucky guess. Professional gamblers often bet on matchups between individual players. The golf betting sites often pick matchups on the site and you can select which of the two players will be the more successful in that particular tournament. This form of golf betting can be easier to predict with some accuracy.

Plenty of Betting Sites for New Zealanders

There are numerous sports betting sites that cater to the betting public of New Zealand.  These betting sites all attempt to attract new punters and offer bonuses and promotions like at https://bettingonline.nz/free, together with excellent odds and customer support. They will make sure that the banking options they offer are those familiar to the New Zealand punters and that all the information on the online site will be kept safe and secure.

Golf betting can become an exciting and rewarding experience, and can provide many hours of entertainment.

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