A Quick Look at Making Bets on Horse Racing in Australia

A Quick Look at Making Bets on Horse Racing in Australia

Few people realise that Horse Racing in Australia is a spectator sport second only to Australian Football and Australian Rugby – thus standing third in line in overall popularity.  Apart from it being a grand sport in its own right, bets placed on horses during official races totalled in excess of 14.3 billion Australian Dollars during 2009/2010.

With more than 360 official racecourses, Australia tops the international chart.

A Question of Effective Administration

The Australian Racing Board is responsible for the administration of all races, with each Australian State participating in Horse Racing committing to abide by the laws of the Australian Laws of Racing.

Contribution to the Economy

Besides the revenue generated in terms of bets placed resulting in tax contributions to Government and the general economic upliftment of the country, Horse Racing also creates more than 77 000 full time and part time jobs annually.  Job creation is a very crucial contribution to the country’s economy.

May the Odds be Forever in Your Favour

When participating in any form of betting, it’s important to have a strategy, and to do a bit of homework.  An optimistic betting strategy can go a long way when managed correctly.  That having been said, betting outside of your means is generally not a good idea.  It very seldom ends well.  Many people chase after instant financial freedom; hoping to somewhere, someday, win it big.  Whilst we are all ultimately in it to win it, it’s important to always practice responsible gambling.

Gather information, keep your ear to the ground, listen to what those in the know are saying.  Being informed is key.  Reckless gambling whilst hoping for the best is not the way to make it big.

Furthermore, stick to what you know best. If horses are your passion, stick to Horse Racing.  Do a bit of research on the various breeders and horses running in the particular race that you are placing a bet on.  Know the competition.  Find out more about the horses that you are not planning on placing a wager on too, so that you are able to compare intelligently.

Beating the System

Many people continuously lose their bets due to being too stringent.  Sticking to certain tried and tested strategies and principals may be profitable, but one should always keep the variables in mind – the fact that the players are in this case horses, animals.  In this case it’s not always the best idea to always follow the bigger picture.  Overall averages will not necessarily correctly predict future winnings.  Instead, consider recent performance by a particular horse.

Form your own opinions by means of close observation.  Don’t get lured into quick talk and empty gossip.

Keep in mind that everything matters.  Horses, like people have certain preferences.  You might notice that a certain horse prefers a certain track.  The important thing is to constantly observe.  Match up identical conditions, historically proven to render success.  Remember that different tracks demand varying degrees of effort.  Take note of various horses’ strong suits, before making a final decision.

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