Fountain of Youth Slot by Playtech in Detail

Fountain of Youth Slot by Playtech in Detail

Fountain of Youth is an online slot game created by Playtech. The game stands apart for a number of reasons, and is one of the more strikingly unique games in the online slot game industry today. The first thing players will notice is the remarkably small play area, which offers just three reels and nine positions in which to create sequences in the casino game.

This may seem like it is robbing players of valuable space, but it will soon becomes clear that the game is very generous, and nine spaces is all that is required. The second thing players will notice is that much effort has gone into making the game beautiful, with pleasant play symbols, charming music, and a background rich with animated butterflies and a bubbling fountain. At its core the game has only five different symbols, which certainly isn’t much variety. There is also no option to adjust betting lines, which takes much out of the game in terms of strategy. What the game does give, however, is a relaxing experience which is sure to help players zone out and just enjoy the spectacle.

Basic Play Rules

With just three play lines, all of which are in very plain sight, it wont take a person long to get an idea of how the Fountain of Youth slot game works.

Simply decide on a bet and spin, then hope for the best. What might be less obvious is that the game pays out for a combination of any three symbols on either of three play lines, which, of course, is rather generous as far as slot games work. This means that hardly a spin goes by without a win being achieved, which seems to be the nature of this pleasant game.

Spin, win, smile, and spin again. Of course, three random symbols don’t pay out much, but the player gets a feeling of staying in one long winning streak. The symbols themselves are based around a fountain in a lush garden, including a white lily, a frog, a blue bird, a butterfly, and the fountain itself. The fountain is the most valuable icon, paying out handsomely if matched three times, while the lowest combination, as already said, is any three symbols.

Bonuses and Free Spins

The Fountain of Youth has no special features or bonuses of any kind. And this, one would say, is the beauty of the game. There are no complicated sequences or play devices of any kind to keep track of, it’s a simple case of what you see is what you get. Of course, this may be unappealing to some players, who enjoy the strategic interactive nature of modern slot games. For others, however, the Fountain of Youth is exactly what is required to relax and zone out for a few hours. The game is available to play on desktop, mobile phone, and tablet like blackjack appearing here. Note that the game is also available to play for free, or for real money as the player prefers. If wanting to play for real money, please be certain that funds are available in the active account.

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