Bust the Bank Slot Basics for Players

Bust the Bank Slot Basics for Players

The great thing about most modern online casinos is that slots can be played for money, or just for the fun of it. Bust the Bank online slots is no different, and players can choose to play the real money version of the game, or the free or no deposit version. Players really do not have to pay anything, nor make any sort of deposit, in order to play no deposit slots.

A 5 reel online slots game with a fixed 243 Ways to Win, Bust the Bank is another innovative offering from Microgaming. The cartoon graphics, immersive storyline and bonus rounds are all hallmarks of this brand and they all shine through in Bust the Bank.

Bust the Bank Storyline

The Bust the Bank storyline is integral to game play and players will follow the adventures of Larry and Bob who are trying to pull off a big heist. In true video slot style the game focuses on these 2 intrepid bank robbers and their actions and the twists and turns the storyline takes are all part of the entertainment.

Bust the Bank Bonus Games

Like bonuses in bingo online, Bust the Bank includes a number of different bonus games or bonus features, which add to the interest of this online slots game.

Safe Bonus

The Safe Bonus is activated if players are able to land the green safe symbol on reel 1 or on reel 5. If this does happen, the safe door will open up, and coins will begin to pour out of the safe. In addition, if there are any symbols that are located below the safe’s current position, the player will also receive an award for each of these symbols.

Piggy Bank Bonus

The Piggy Bank Bonus is triggered with the piggy bank symbol, but this symbol must appear on reel 3 of the game. As soon as this happens, the player will receive the piggy bank prize, and the player will also have the chance to break open the giant pig that appears on the screen. Breaking open the big pig will again reveal a further cash prize for the player.

Bust the Bank Slot Basics for Players

Larry and Bob Bonus

There is another interesting bonus feature, known as Larry and Bob. If either of these two bank-robbing fiends appear anywhere on the reels and run across them, players will receive a bonus amount. Players don’t have to do anything in particular to receive this extra prize and its triggered at random.

Free Spins with Bust the Bank

One of the main bonus features of Bust the Bank slots is the free spins feature. If a player is able to land three, four or five scatter symbols while playing Bust the Bank, then they will win 8 free spins.

The scatter symbol in this particular game is a bomb symbol. In addition, during this bonus feature, or during this phase of the slots game, reel 1 and reel 5 are always wild. Scatter symbols in the bonus round are also worth one extra spin.

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