Basic Blackjack Strategy for Online Players

Basic Blackjack Strategy for Online Players

Some knowledge of at least basic blackjack strategy is necessary for players who enjoy the game at online casinos, as it definitely adds an edge, allowing the player to see success for a far larger portion of play.

Some Rules to Keep in Mind

Players are aware that the dealer will always draw on 16 and stand on 17, and so the first rule of blackjack strategy is to follow this lead. However, if the dealer’s card shows a six or less then the player does not need to try to reach 17, since it is likely that the dealer will go bust. A number of online casinos provide areas for players to practice their strategy for the game, and players are able to do so without having to put any money down. Free versions of the game are widely available, and it is highly recommended that those interested in perfecting their strategy put them to use in order to do so.

The most basic rules for blackjack are when to stand, when to split and when to double down, and if a player has mastered these then his or her success rate will be greatly increased. When a dealer’s hand shows a six or less there is a good chance that he or she will bust, so the player can relax in this case and leave him or her to self-destruct. Bear in mind, however, that if the visible card is a two or a three, then the player should stand on 13, not 12.

Applying the Three Basic Strategies

The first blackjack strategy rule concerns when to double down. When a player doubles down he or she multiplies his or her bet on the first two cards and receives another in exchange. For example, if the player is dealt an eight and a three, for a total of 11, and hits, he or she has a better chance of reaching 21 than by any other total. In fact, he or she will stand a more than even chance of reaching over 17. Doubling the bet at this time is recommended since the reward will be doubled also. Players must bear in mind however that if the extra card received is a five or a six, he or she will not be able to hit again. When players double down they limit themselves to receiving only one additional card.

The second blackjack strategy rule is that players should always split aces and eights. When players receive two eights a total of 16 points is acquired, which is not a desirable one in the game of blackjack. Players have a far better than even chance of getting a total of 17 or more when he or she decides to split and hit. Even if the dealer’s visible card is a six or less, the 16 remains a comfortable stand, and splitting the pair doubles the rewards for players in the likelihood of the dealer going bust.

Splitting aces is the third highly recommended blackjack strategy, although players will only receive one extra card for each new hand, and will not be able to hit again. Players must bear in mind that if they receive a ten card for either of their aces it will not be a Blackjack, and will only payout the usual one to one, not one-and-a-half to one. A Blackjack only applies to the player’s first two dealt cards, which is why it is also known as a natural.

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